Eyebrow mapping perfect for every face shape

Eyebrow mapping is a art used by brow artists to ensure that all angles are even and proportionate to the face. It's performed mostly by brow artists and micro blading artists on their clients to ensure precise angles. To find a brow shape that is flattering to the face shape and their expert likens eyebrow mapping to making a rough draft of the desired brow shape before removing hairs or altering the shape. You are able to double-check that the brows are even and able to see areas that need to be regrown in future brow shaping. 

From face shape to hair color, the good eyebrows can mean something drastically different from person to person. The fact is that what looks perfact on your favorite celebrity just might not be the ideal look for you.  

How to Eyebrow Mapping 

To map your brows, you will locate the ideal points for the front of your brows, the highest arch point, and end of your brow tail. The inner brow should start straight up from the nasal bridge. The second point should be the highest point of the brow and should come up from the side of the nose.

Needed for eyebrow mapping:

The amazing part about eyebrow mapping is that it would not require any special materials and the only tools you will need are ones you likely already have in your makeup bag. You can  your brow shape with a pencil.