The vegan handbags to have on your radar

World fashion is changing, as more and more brands look to more durable ways of producing their products including which materials or fabrics they use includes vegan leather handbags.  

More people are going one step further and turning to products that do not use leather altogether. For a vegan handbag, there are plenty of chic designer & affordable options out there.

It is impossible to mention vegan designer bags without mentioning Stella McCartney and she is one of the only designers who only uses vegan leather throughout her collection.

They are not talking animal skin here, but different materials made to look like it. Vegan leather is made of polyurethane, a polymer that can be made to order and it can sparkle, have a nice glossy sheen & be saturated in all shades.   

Anja Baguette at Nanushka: 

Nanushka bags are free from animal skin, the use of animal derivatives in the manufacturing process and this bag is made from polyurethane, polyester & zamak for the metal trimmings.