The best durable jeans for a more sensible wardrobe

Durable or Sustainable jeans are not the easiest thing to shop for, with denim being one of the worst offenders in the fashion industry when it comes to carbon footprint. There are some things to look out for when shopping for the best durable jeans, one of which is the material. Includes 100% organic cotton like, will be better recycled than a polyester blend, & more sustainable too and then this is the production process. 

Latest guidelines have in fact been introduced by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, which is committed to creating a circular economy and they set out minimum requirements on durability, recyclability, garment, material health & traceability.  

These are also includes the material as stated above which should include cellulose fibres from regenerative. Organic & transitional farming methods and should be free from chemicals.  Historically, Metal rivets are  always been on jeans, are to be phased out completely & reduced to a minimum.