Black Friday Facts You Didn`t Know About

Great news for Shopaholics! Big day of the year is around the corner. Yes, you guess it right! Black Friday is here, the holy day for Shopaholics to show their passion for shopping. But do you think that just being a shopaholic means that you love to shop? If that`s the case then dear you have many grades left to graduate with the degree of Shopping. Because shopping doesn`t  mean giving all your money away, it is about knowing all the links and chains that are connected to Shopping. The real Shopping Lover must know all the fantastic Black Friday Facts.

Don`t start to worry if you don`t know all the cool Black Friday Facts. I`m sure after reading my blog your knowledge will undoubtedly be increased to some level. After which you can easily debate or show off to your friends with your knowledge of shopping.

We all know that Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving. But what very few people know is that how did Black Friday start. Well, it`s neither originated in the 21st Century nor has it been celebrated since 18th or 19th Century. In the mid 20th Century, the term “Black Friday” was used by the cops in Philadelphia .The Philadelphia cops couldn`t take the day off; instead, they have to work extra-long shifts to manage the chaos crowd of shoppers create the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanks to the two financiers James Fish and Jay Gould, who infamously tried to monopolize the gold market in 1869, the term “Black Friday” came into being, which was later be known as “Black Tuesday” in 1929 due to the stock market crash on Tuesday.

And that`s how the name “Black Friday” struck the minds, which was later in 1966, was known as the Friday after Thanksgiving. And guess what? This title was coined by the police department of Philadelphia to describe as a day when the streets and shops were full of traffic and congestion. And not just this but also full of shoplifting and other annoyance as well .Did you know that before 1990`s Black Friday wasn`t even a national term ?Well yes, Philadelphia held this as a little secret of their own for a very long time. And then in 1980`s, it broke all its chains, and people started mentioning it outside of Philadelphia.

And in the mid 90`s Black Friday became widespread .You must know the fantastic Black Friday Facts for Kids. Well I must warn these facts will definitely going to haunt all the Moms out there, but it`s really entertaining for kids. And all those mothers who already have some experience of bringing kids to the Black Friday sale, they will surely agree with me to the most of the points.

I`m sure you must be horrified right now and must be considering giving a second thought to bringing the children along for Black Friday Shopping. In case you bring your kids along, then you must keep an eye on them and have a safe shopping.

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