Although it is not necessary to exfoliate your skin every day

A new season is unfolding, and you know what that means .Yes now is the time to change your beauty routine with each new season we always suggest changing our routines to make sure it suits the climate. Especially after a severe cold, your skin and hair may need some serious love. No worries, we've got your back. Try these tips if a brighter, brighter look for spring echoes your street, and we've realized that your beauty routine will be ready for spring.

Although it is not necessary to exfoliate your skin every day, it is highly recommended that you do it at least once a week. Cold weather often causes dry skin. Dead skin cells, when not involved, tend to settle on the surface of the skin. Although you may not see these dead skin cells, they are probably there. And guess what? This construction is aging your complexion. Add back the glow by expelling dead skin cells. Just be sure to be gentle. While exfoliating is an important step in any beauty routine, it is just as important not to irritate your skin with a hard brush. Gently remove dead skin cells from products designed specifically for sensitive skin, and we guarantee that the rest of your beauty routine will be smoother.

In the same vein, we also recommend lightening things up in the make-up department. Although full coverage foundation may be necessary when your skin is irritated in winter, as the weather warms up, you will likely find spring to give your skin some breathing space. Whenever possible you should have a dyed moisturizer, moisturize your foundation with a wet make-up sponge, try BB cream, or leave the foundation off completely, and hide with your favorite Concealer. These principles really apply to all aspects of your makeup routine. Do this when you can skip a step and still get a great look. When that sun is setting on you, the less product you have on your face, the happier you will be.

If your skin is really affected in winter, and you find that you are particularly dry, but you want to avoid heavy creams and moisturizers, apply heavy products to your night skin care routine. Although we don't particularly like a fresh, heavy cream to look at during the day, we are all for it when you sleep. Remember, your skin care routine should not be the same during the day and night. Apply to your skin at bedtime, and wake up with a hydrated, healthy glow ready for the day.

Although your skin is usually your primary concern after a cold, it is equally important to pay attention to your hair. Cold weather can be extremely damaging to your precious locks. And really, nothing is more eye-catching than dry, bad hair. That's why as the weather warms up, we recommend applying your hair oil to your daily beauty routine. Although your skin needs oil and moisture to stay hydrated throughout the day, so does your hair.