50 Best Things To Do On Christmas Around The World

From diving into the freezing water to riding a Camel, the Christmas celebrations are different in different regions of the world. Depending on the traditions and cultures, people do a lot of interesting things to make the Christmas spirit alive. Whether you are celebrating the Christmas in your hometown or going to a foreign place, you can observe it in various ways that will add a dose of fun to this festivity. Here are few things that people belonging to different countries do on Christmas:

In Australia, people follow a tradition of celebrating Christmas on beach! Suffers dress up like Santa Claus and Christmas trees are also placed on sand. People prefer BBQ to prepare their Christmas dinners there. Bondi beach is famous for its Christmas celebrations where a lot of people gather to have fun on Christmas. `Have you ever thought of celebrating a peaceful Christmas in Nepal? You can spend your Christmas by indulging in some of the recreational activities in Pokhara. Have a lunch at hotels behind Phewa Lake or go for boating.

Christmas is not complete without shopping! If you are in Turkey for Christmas then you can buy world`s best Christmas gifts from Istanbul`s Grand Bazar. Tourists from every region of the world prefer to shop for Christmas from this bazaar .Karachite don`t need reindeers because they have camels!  You can join the Christmas rally in which they ride camels and sing cheerful Christmas songs in their native language. This is something you won`t find in any other country.

Although you will not find much Christians in Aruba, their Christmas season is jam-packed with celebrations!  The Christmas Carnivals are something you can`t miss. Take rides and receive presents from Sinterklaas ( the Dutch version of Santa Claus). 

Christmas Celebrations in this city are worth-watching. This city of lights has spectacular Christmas decorations which you can see by taking a whole view of Paris through a ride on the giant Ferris wheel! This huge wheel is present at Place de la Concorde.

Budapest is a beautiful city of Hungary. This Christmas, if you want to have real winter fun in snow then Normafa hill is a heaven for you! You must go sledging at Normafa Park, this will serve as a life-long experience for you.

As soon as December starts, Christmas celebrations in Lapland can be observed in full-swing. This is the place which connects you to your very own Santa Claus. Here, you can a ride on a reindeer sleigh, meet Santa`s elves and can also learn to prepare Christmas meals from Mrs. Claus.

In San Fernando, Christmas celebration usually starts from September. One of their main festivities is the Giant Lantern Festival which attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are planning to spend your Christmas in Philippines, do attend this epic festival. 

The best part about Christmas in San Francisco is skating under the 83-foot Christmas tree in Union Square! People from all over America especially come to San Francisco for this amazing skating experience! Put on your skates and get ready for it!

What about spending the Christmas at the most beautiful island in the world? You can have the most pleasant Christmas by visiting Matira Beach which is the most exquisite white sand beach! You can snorkel in its blue water, view the mesmerizing sunset or taste the Tahitian specialties.


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